Empowering Progress

Empowering Progress

by Leon Drennan

When God created humans . . .

He hardwired them with a need to make progress in life and even commanded them to do so. Millennia later, the need for progress remains acute especially for those in leadership roles. In Empowering Progress, Leon Drennan charts a path to fulfilling this basic human drive for men and women in leadership. The key, he says, is to know the steps necessary to achieve progress and then empower people in an organization to take those steps effectively.

The route to progress includes planning, documentation and training, implementing proper control systems, and providing appropriate measurement and feedback. Travelling that route, however, does not guarantee an organization will make progress. For real progress to occur, the process must be guided by a servant leader who understands the nature of power and uses it to serve others. Only then will an organization be empowered to progress.


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