I formed Vision Leadership Foundation where my goal is to train, coach and mentor leaders using what God has taught me through many years and varied experiences. This phase involves developing leaders and helping organizations function better in the business, non-profit and ministry sectors. The goal is to help leaders:

  • Get more done, in less time and with less frustration and stress.Leon Drennan-Vision Leadership Foundation
  • Have more time for their spouses, children, churches, communities, friends and enjoyment of life.
  • Create healthy organizational cultures to benefit their employees versus bringing difficulty and stress into their lives.
  • Create more profitability, if they are business owners, so they have more financial resources to contribute to ministries and charities.

I have a growing desire to be able to give more to ministries and charities. I believe through helping others that more can be done for ministries and charities than I would have ever been able to do myself.

Leon Drennan – Vision Leadership Foundation




“To invest my life mentoring, coaching and training leaders for the benefit of everyone they touch and to grow God’s kingdom.”



To help at least three hundred leaders over the next five years improve their leadership styles, empowering them to honor God and bless all the people they touch.



  • Integrity — This means doing the right thing for the organization and other people regardless of your self-interest. It’s doing what is right when nobody’s looking. It’s doing what is right just because it’s the right thing. If people don’t trust you to have their interests in mind or the organization doesn’t trust you to have its interests in mind, why would or should you be trusted to serve in any capacity?


  • Service — This is adding measurable value to the other person or the organization. There are two kinds of people in the organization: those who want power and want others to serve them as their primary aim, or those who want to add value to others and the organization. People seeking power make poor servants.


  • Innovation — Because things change and our expectations are always for something better in the future, we have to be creative to continue to provide higher levels of service. If we don’t work at providing higher levels of service, someone else will and we will become obsolete.


  • Teamwork — There is an old saying, “None of us are as smart as all of us.” The Proverbs say there is wisdom in many counselors.  I found over many years that people working together are more creative and innovative for the organization than relying on only a handful of individuals.


  • Communication — When God wanted to halt the progress of mankind as they built the tower of Babel, He made them speak different languages so they could not communicate effectively. When teams are not committed to proactive communications, many problems arise. When I speak of communications, I don’t simply mean talking. I mean proactive and meaningful communication where there is a mutual understanding.


  • Continuous learning — To create a product or provide a service, everyone involved must bring some skill to the table. Given the rapid rate of change in the world, a commitment to lifelong learning is key to continuing to contribute to a high-performance team.