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Brand New!!!

Click here to watch a new podcast interview with Leon Drennan by Dr. Tracey Jones at Tremendous Leadership! In it, they discuss many of the principles about which Leon writes in Good King Bad King and his other books.

Where Does It Hurt?

Leon Drennan, former President of HCA Physician Services, helps you analyze and improve the health of your organization.


  • Does your organization seem adrift? Is it going in circles, nowhere, or even backward?
  • Are you frustrated with your team? Do you like them as individuals but wonder if they’re the right team to take you into the future?
  • Do you have constant turnover in certain positions or areas of your organization?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with all the activities in your life?
  • Do you want more out of many areas of life, yet seem to be getting less?
  • Do you find yourself always fighting fires?
These are just a few of the questions Leon asks leaders about their organizations to help identify where it hurts, why it hurts, and what’s the solution. His experience as an Auditor, senior executive in a large company and spiritual insights drive his holistic approach to evaluating organizations and helping solve the root causes of problems. This is very different than the cadre of specialized consultants that only look at one aspect of the organization and often only put Band-Aids on symptoms.

Vision Leadership Workshops

Leon Drennan, former President of Physician Services for HCA, the largest for-profit hospital corporation in the world, shares his experience and learned truths about real servant-leadership in Vision Leadership workshops and seminars.

If your desire is to lead in a mature, yet caring, manner, attending one of Mr. Drennan’s workshops may well be a life-changer for you and your organization. The Scriptures lay out specific and solid guidelines for leaders, and the truth is that they work better than we can ever imagine in this hectic and self-centered world of western commerce. Leon Drennan brings those principles to real-world applications that are easily understood; his approach also leads us to apply those principles to our own lives, families and organizations. For more information, please visit the Services page, and as always, please feel free to contact Vision Leadership Foundation for booking information.

The Five Essentials for Organizational and Personal Success

People have a God-given given need to know that they matter and why. Leaders help people see why their work matters and is meaningful to their life and that of others.

Individuals need to be connected to other people in healthy, productive relationships. They also need a place of connection and expression of their unique, God-given talents. They need a place to live out the calling God has given them while using those talents.

People need a set of priorities to keep them focused. Psychologists tell us that if a person has too many stimuli that they become anxious and can even go insane. Individuals need leaders to focus them on priorities the individual cares about that are also important to the organization.

People need to be empowered. God created individuals for freedom coupled with reasonable accountability. Empowered and accountable people are more creative, productive and dependable than those who are not.

People need to know that they are making progress. They need to know how they contribute to the progress of the organization they are  part of.


Good King, Bad King - Which One Are You? by Leon Drennan

Make sure you get your copy of Good King, Bad King today! Profit and grow by accessing Leon Drennan’s 30+ years of experience in executive leadership. You can get it by clicking here. See what executive leaders and business owners are saying after having read Good King, Bad King below!

What leaders are saying about

Good King, Bad King:

“If you are looking for a ‘quick fix, read at the beach’ leadership book, Good King, Bad King is not for you. However, if your are serious about your leadership and want to lead at the highest level God has equipped you for, Good King, Bad King is for you. It is easy to read, comprehensive, inspiring and practical. I highly recommend this book; it can change the trajectory of your life and leadership.”

Dick Wells—CEO (ret.), The Aerostructures Corporation


Good King, Bad King is the summation of 30+ years of real world leadership experience grounded in a biblical foundation. By implementing the principles explained in this book, we were able to inspire the employees of a 74-year-old company to achieve more. Anyone wanting to lead and inspire his or her organization or group needs to learn from Leon’s exceptional career and life spent learning. This book is that opportunity.”

Eddie Lunn, III—President, Boiler Supply Company, Inc.


“There are many rules and laws of leadership that fill the pages of books in the leadership section of my personal library, and now there is a must read book by Leon Drennan that distills all of them down to the Good King, Bad King for those who want to lead with their heart and head for the Lord. A masterfully scripted dance of leadership principles rooted in biblical foundation jumps off the pages and into business and life applications in this fascinating and memorable approach to organizational and personal success. Definitely one of the top five leadership books in my personal library.”

Mark Rainey—Founder and President, Rainey Consulting Group, LLC


“When I read Leon Drennan’s book, Good King, Bad King, I realized that I would have profited so much from these principles by following them. Mr. Drennan has taken the principles taught by God and applied them to our secular needs. I would hope that every person in a position of responsible leadership will read and follow these wise teachings. The author has written from the platform of many years of experience and relates the lessons he learned from what works, and what does not work, to produce success in the marketplace.”

Gerald Stow—Retired Pastor and Children’s Home Executive Administrator


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