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Good King Bad King / Which One Are You? Cover

Good King, Bad King: Which One Are You?

The first release for Vision Leadership Foundation is now available! Good King, Bad King / Which One Are You is a summation of the 30+ years that Leon Drennan experienced in executive leadership at HCA, the largest for-profit hospital corporation in the world.

Leon boils it down to 5 Essentials for Organizational and Personal Success: Purpose, People, Priorities, Power and Progress. In an easy-to-read format, he tells many down-to-earth stories that apply quite accurately to the challenges that executive  positions of leadership bring. Based on the Bible’s prescriptive teachings on leadership, Good King, Bad King will inspire you to become more of a servant leader, daring you to put those under you in high esteem, and helping them to fulfill their own callings and purpose.

Yes, Leon is not afraid to tell you of some of his own challenges, in order to help you avoid those pitfalls that positional power brings. He urges you to seek a power of character and integrity, modeled by Jesus, Moses, King David, Nehemiah and others. And, in the teaching spirit that Leon brings to the table, he offers at the end of the chapters real-life opportunities for you and your team to grow and apply these time-tested truths in your own company, organization, and families. You will find that every minute spent in this book will profit you many times over!



Seasons of the Soul – Which one are you in?




Reap While You Grow . . .

Life can overflow with the warmth and exuberance of spring or the lavish blessing of a late summer harvest. Other times, the bitter cold of loneliness, loss, or failure leaves you lifeless and desolate. Whatever the season, God can bring a harvest of blessing if you discover what He has for you in each.

  • You may need your faith encouraged—He’ll shower you with miraculous answers to prayer.
  • You revel over all He’s done in your life, so gratitude wells up spontaneously every day.
  • Perhaps pride is holding you back—God will humble you as much as you need in order to grow your character.
  • And if you don’t know God personally, you’re in the Dark Season—but He’s waiting to bring you into Light.

Wherever you are, the hard lessons are easier and the exciting ones more thrilling if you’re aligned with God’s plan.

In Seasons of the Soul, Leon Drennan shows how to recognize which season you’re experiencing and how to respond to God. If you cooperate with the Master Planner, you can even make the “good” seasons last longer and the “bad” seasons end sooner. God will never be one bit harder on you or provide one less miracle than you need. So dig in to this book, and reap a spiritual bounty—whatever your season.




People:  Your Greatest Asset or Biggest Headache?




Take a healthy view of the people you lead, and the pain you avoid may be your own . . .

Whether people are a boon or a bother really depends on you. On whether you help them feel like they count. On whether you make it clear where you’re leading. And on whether you convince them that going there is what they want, too.

There’s a lot riding on how you fulfill your role as a leader, and that’s why Leon Drennan has written this excellent guide to making the most of your most important resource. In People: Your Greatest Asset or Biggest Headache?, he outlines the path to successful leadership by showing how to:

  • Give people what they need, so they can give what the organization needs.
  • Choose the right people for your team.
  • Evaluate employees to make sure they’re where they belong.
  • Help underperformers improve while ramping up everyone’s motivation.
  • Delegate the right jobs to the right people and create a culture of empowerment.
  • Increase your team’s enjoyment of work and inspire them to higher levels of performance.

You can be a great steward of an organization’s resources only if you’re a blessing to people. So assimilate the leadership know-how in this book, and establish the right perspective on the people you employ. Because the success of your company, organization, division, or department depends on . . . you.

Leon Drennan grew up on a farm in Kentucky and brought his life lessons into the executive offices of America’s largest for-profit hospital corporation. He served more than 30 years in various leadership roles within the company, including 12 as President of HCA Physician Services. Following his work in the healthcare industry, Leon established the Vision Leadership Foundation where he now cultivates leaders in businesses, churches, and nonprofits across America. He is also the author of Seasons of the Soul: Which One Are You in? and lives in Brentwood, Tennessee with his wife Debbie and their family.




The Power of Purpose and Priorities

Leading the Way

The Power of Purpose and Priorities

Do you feel like you’re working harder than ever but not getting anywhere personally or professionally?

If so, author Leon Drennan can help. In The Power of Purpose and Priorities, he explains how to reassess your mission, values, and purpose in order to gain focus in your activities and develop priorities. Drennan says “less is more” when it comes to scheduling in business, family life, and social engagements. Wise people learn to prune away all nonessential activities in their personal lives and organizations to optimize the use of resources.

The most important priorities in life are spiritual, Drennan writes. That’s why it’s essential for believers to apply the principles of Scripture and learn to follow God’s personal guidance.

Specific applications of the principles in The Power of Purpose and Priorities are made for individuals and organizations, with emphasis on leaders and their role in organizational development.

“You have to be clear about your purpose before you can set meaningful priorities for how you spend your time in this life,” Drennan writes. “But more importantly, you have to be clear about your purpose and committed to it to have the endurance to see your priorities through. When you combine a clear understanding of your purpose with a few focused priorities, your life will have much greater impact.”



Empowering Progress

Empowering Progress

 When God created humans . . .

He hardwired them with a need to make progress in life and even commanded them to do so. Millennia later, the need for progress remains acute especially for those in leadership roles. In Empowering Progress, Leon Drennan charts a path to fulfilling this basic human drive for men and women in leadership. The key, he says, is to know the steps necessary to achieve progress and then empower people in an organization to take those steps effectively.

The route to progress includes planning, documentation and training, implementing proper control systems, and providing appropriate measurement and feedback. Travelling that route, however, does not guarantee an organization will make progress. For real progress to occur, the process must be guided by a servant leader who understands the nature of power and uses it to serve others. Only then will an organization be empowered to progress.


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