Interview Podcast with Dr Tracey Jones

Recently, Leon was interviewed by Dr. Tracey Jones regarding leadership principles that he speaks of in his books. Dr. Jones has an excellent podcast series in which she converses with many in the leadership community.

Here are some quotes that Dr. Jones pulled from this interview:

“Loneliness is when no one understands what you’re going through right now.” – Leon Drennan

“Negative stress wears you out mentally and physically, and negative stress is what kills you.” – Leon Drennan

“I understand what you can’t do, but tell me what you can do… tell me what you should do.” – Leon Drennan

“Focus on what is helpful and high priority.” – Leon Drennan

“Impact what you can and be satisfied by that.” – Leon Drennan

“Vision is a picture of a better future.” – Leon Drennan

“What are the priorities that need to be cast in order to achieve your vision?” – Leon Drennan

“If your vision isn’t clear enough to make some people mad, it isn’t clear enough.” – Leon Drennan

“I get clarity in prayer when I get quiet. If I need to know the future, I need to ask.” – Leon Drennan

“Companies often do a SWOT analysis as part of a routine, but if you do that well you get clarity.” – Leon Drennan

“God told Moses how to empower people.” – Leon Drennan

“Set people up to make progress.” – Leon Drennan

“If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.” – Jack Welch

“Managers first ask ‘how do I get people to do this?’ but quickly turn to ‘how do I make people do this?’”. – Leon Drennan