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 Your objectives. Your team. Our experience, methodology and time-tested Personality Profile tools.



In today’s turbulent economy, leadership excellence isn’t an option. Whether you are searching for a high-impact motivational speaker or a game-changing leadership retreat experience, Vision Leadership Foundation offers a comprehensive solution for your meeting and development needs.

Each speech and working session can be tailored for your organization. The content is based on over 30 years of professional experience and supported by a scriptural foundation.

Each coaching encounter begins with research-based personality profiles tools and the expectation that both the Vision Leadership coach and the client are in this together to achieve optimal leadership performance and outcomes.

Leon Drennan - Vision Leadership Foundation

Personal Executive Coaching

It goes without saying that leadership begins with you. And as human beings, in our imperfection, sometimes we need individual attention to help us move forward to where we are our most effective.

Totally customized to the individual, Executive Coaching includes:

  • A personality profile is created for the leader
  • Your leadership style strengths and development areas are identified and analyzed in a 1 to 2 hour debriefing session
  • 4 to 8 hours of on-site time are made available monthly for coaching and strategic discussions
  • 4 to 8 hours of scheduled phone calls are available monthly

Strategic Planning Retreats

As custodians of fiscal responsibility, we create bigger and better options for our organizational impact in the world.  Creating that greater statement as an organization starts with a Vision of something greater for our time here on this earth. Employees do not only work for a paycheck – they work for creating something bigger and better for their personal and professional story in life.

Our comprehensive Strategic Planning Retreats are:

  • Designed to clarify your mission, vision, values and priorities,
  • Tailored to the uniqueness of your organization through pre-meeting interviews and surveys 30 days prior to the retreat to optimize the value of the time spent in the retreat setting,
  • Supported by 4-8 hours of work with your team, and
  • Documented with a post retreat summary and analysis with the executive leadership team.


Leadership Seminars

Vision begins with executive leaders and cascades through all levels of the organization to engage and align the frontline employees of the organization. Most often that vision is cascaded randomly and open to individual interpretation.

  • Purpose – Discovering God’s plan for you and your organization and how to attract and connect people to the mission, vision and priorities of the organization. We also identify the attributes of functional and dysfunctional organizations and help you know how to remove dysfunction.
  • People – Transforming from just using people to truly understanding and engaging them for their benefit and greatest impact on the organization. Learn how effective organizations hire great people, put them in positions where they can flourish, and make changes when needed.
  • Priorities — Learning how effective leaders establish and maintain priorities throughout the organization.
  • Power – Transitioning from trying to control people and events to empowering people to improve organizational outcomes and grow while maintaining accountability for results.
  • Progress enablers – Transitioning from putting out fires and playing the  blame game to planning and leading the team toward consistent, measurable progress. We explore the five keys to enabling an organization to continue making progress in good times and tough times.


Our seminars can be tailored to the organizational needs, with emphasis on any specific needs of the organization. We can also plan and provide practical application of the knowledge and ongoing support to achieve the desired results.

Individual and Team Assessment

You hired them for what they know. Now you need to know who they are. Under pressure, in the day-to-day, when tasked with constant change and opportunity.  Vision Leadership Foundation believes in the strength of empirical data supported by a compassionate and tough-love approach to behavioral expectations:

  • Personalized behavioral profiles are created for each member of the leadership team and compared against the current and future requirements of the role
  • Team synergy is evaluated and strengths and risks are highlighted.
  • A debrief session with senior leader(s) includes strategy for how best to share results with the leadership team.
  • A customized session “How to Leverage Your Behavior” session teaches leaders how to interpret and apply the information to the leadership team in a 4-8 hour training and planning session.


Keynote Speeches

Every situation is unique, so our offerings are customized to your situation and the topics are chosen for the best value to you and your organization. The following are some of our most requested:

  • Are you a Guiding Light or blurry vision? Your Organization from Vision to Outcomes

Leadership begins with a clear plan and actions to execute on that plan. Do your employees know your vision? How do you know? And how is your vision being translated into results?

  • Dealing with Difficult Personalities: Conflict and Communication

We hear about it every day – leaders behaving badly. Learning to communicate effectively and prepare for the eventuality of contentious conversations are a “must-have” skill for all leaders.

  • Hiring for Success

You know it happens. Good people in the wrong roles  is painful for all involved. We hire for what someone can do and we fire them for how they act. Learn how to avoid these painful, costly scenarios.