Good King Bad King / Which One Are You? Cover

GOOD KING, BAD KING / Which One Are You?


There are managers . . . and then there are leaders. There are bad kings . . . and then there are the good kings.

Are you a “good king” or “bad king” in your style of leadership? Do you fully understand your calling as a leader in your business, ministry or organization? Are you ready to deliberately become a better and more caring leader, building your foundation on the time-tested principles of Scripture? Get ready to go deeper in your desire and ability to lead as as servant! Good King, Bad King introduces five very important and essential concepts of leadership, all originating in the heart and mind of the great Servant Leader-Jesus Christ: 1) Purpose – God created you for a specific purpose. 2) People – God created people to serve a purpose in His Plan. 3) Priorities – God gives us priorities to live by. 4) Power – God empowers us. 5) Progress – God expects us to make progress.

After over 30 years in high executive leadership at one of the largest hospital corporations in the world, Leon Drennan is now sharing what he has learned—much of it the hard way. He shares both his victories and defeats, both his feel-good moments as well as those sadder moments that served to grow him to be a more caring and serving leader.

Do you want to be remembered as the Good King type of leader? Do you truly care and desire that your people see themselves fulfilled in the positions they occupy? Do you want a team-like, family-like atmosphere at your organization? Do you want to live a life of fulfillment yourself by keeping priorities in the right order, achieving more in less time? If any or all of these apply to you, Good King Bad King is a must read for you, and everyone in leadership that you know.


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