Good King, Bad King / Which One Are You?


Good King Bad King / Which One Are You? Cover


The first release for Vision Leadership Foundation is now available! Good King, Bad King / Which One Are You is a summation of the 30+ years that Leon Drennan experienced in executive leadership at HCA, the largest for-profit hospital corporation in the world. Leon boils it down to 5 Essentials for Organizational and Personal Success: Purpose, People, Priorities, Power and Progress. In an easy-to-read format, he tells many down-to-earth stories that apply quite accurately to the challenges that executive  positions of leadership bring. Based on the Bible’s prescriptive teachings on leadership, Good King, Bad King will inspire you to become more of a servant leader, daring you to put those under you in high esteem, and helping them to fulfill their own callings and purpose. Yes, Leon is not afraid to tell you of some of his own challenges, in order to help you avoid those pitfalls that positional power brings. He urges you to seek a power of character and integrity, modeled by Jesus, Moses, King David, Nehemiah and others. And, in the teaching spirit that Leon brings to the table, he offers at the end of the chapters real-life opportunities for you and your team to grow and apply these time-tested truths in your own company, organization, and families. You will find that every minute spent in this book will profit you many times over!