People: Your Greatest Asset or Biggest Headache?

by Leon Drennan

Take a healthy view of the people you lead, and the pain you avoid may be your own . . .

Whether people are a boon or a bother really depends on you. On whether you help them feel like they count. On whether you make it clear where you’re leading. And on whether you convince them that going there is what they want, too.

There’s a lot riding on how you fulfill your role as a leader, and that’s why Leon Drennan has written this excellent guide to making the most of your most important resource. In People: Your Greatest Asset or Biggest Headache?, he outlines the path to successful leadership by showing how to:

  • Give people what they need, so they can give what the organization needs.
  • Choose the right people for your team.
  • Evaluate employees to make sure they’re where they belong.
  • Help underperformers improve while ramping up everyone’s motivation.
  • Delegate the right jobs to the right people and create a culture of empowerment.
  • Increase your team’s enjoyment of work and inspire them to higher levels of performance.

You can be a great steward of an organization’s resources only if you’re a blessing to people. So assimilate the leadership know-how in this book, and establish the right perspective on the people you employ. Because the success of your company, organization, division, or department depends on . . . you.

Leon Drennan grew up on a farm in Kentucky and brought his life lessons into the executive offices of America’s largest for-profit hospital corporation. He served more than 30 years in various leadership roles within the company, including 12 as President of HCA Physician Services. Following his work in the healthcare industry, Leon established the Vision Leadership Foundation where he now cultivates leaders in businesses, churches, and nonprofits across America. He is also the author of Seasons of the Soul: Which One Are You in? and lives in Brentwood, Tennessee with his wife Debbie and their family.



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