Seasons of the Soul

Seasons of the Soul – Which one are you in?

by Leon Drennan

 Reap While You Grow . . .

Life can overflow with the warmth and exuberance of spring or the lavish blessing of a late summer harvest. Other times, the bitter cold of loneliness, loss, or failure leaves you lifeless and desolate. Whatever the season, God can bring a harvest of blessing if you discover what He has for you in each.

  • You may need your faith encouraged—He’ll shower you with miraculous answers to prayer.
  • You revel over all He’s done in your life, so gratitude wells up spontaneously every day.
  • Perhaps pride is holding you back—God will humble you as much as you need in order to grow your character.
  • And if you don’t know God personally, you’re in the Dark Season—but He’s waiting to bring you into Light.

Wherever you are, the hard lessons are easier and the exciting ones more thrilling if you’re aligned with God’s plan.

In Seasons of the Soul, Leon Drennan shows how to recognize which season you’re experiencing and how to respond to God. If you cooperate with the Master Planner, you can even make the “good” seasons last longer and the “bad” seasons end sooner. God will never be one bit harder on you or provide one less miracle than you need. So dig in to this book, and reap a spiritual bounty—whatever your season.



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