The Power of Purpose and Priorities

The Power of Purpose and Priorities

by Leon Drennan

Do you feel like you’re working harder than ever but not getting anywhere personally or professionally?

If so, author Leon Drennan can help. In The Power of Purpose and Priorities, he explains how to reassess your mission, values, and purpose in order to gain focus in your activities and develop priorities. Drennan says “less is more” when it comes to scheduling in business, family life, and social engagements. Wise people learn to prune away all nonessential activities in their personal lives and organizations to optimize the use of resources.

The most important priorities in life are spiritual, Drennan writes. That’s why it’s essential for believers to apply the principles of Scripture and learn to follow God’s personal guidance.

Specific applications of the principles in The Power of Purpose and Priorities are made for individuals and organizations, with emphasis on leaders and their role in organizational development.

“You have to be clear about your purpose before you can set meaningful priorities for how you spend your time in this life,” Drennan writes. “But more importantly, you have to be clear about your purpose and committed to it to have the endurance to see your priorities through. When you combine a clear understanding of your purpose with a few focused priorities, your life will have much greater impact.”


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